All you need to know about KeHMIS project

  • Capacity building

    We provide a professional transfer of knowledge to our stakeholders on our HIS products through innovative approaches that are responsive to their needs.

  • Clinical Care Solutions

    Client-centric digital health solutions designed to improve service delivery, data management, and client outcomes even in a limited-resource setting.

  • Data Analytics

    Data Collection and analysis have enabled us to provide predictive and descriptive information to program and clinical problems.

  • Data Warehouse

    A patient-level data management system designed to support big data analytics. It is used to provide timely and critical insights on progress in the HIV spectrum.

  • Human Resource for Health

    Well-functioning regulatory solutions for registration, licensing and certification bodies have aided in strengthening quality and performance of health workforce especially in the context of increasing mobility of health workers.

  • Interoperability

    We adopting a standards-based approach to developed a solution that orchestrate data exchange between systems within different health care settings.

  • Migration solutions

    The journey towards sustainability is usually characterized but not limited to the adoption of robust EMR systems that meet global standards in achieving health requirements. We have been key in the journey of migrating Kenya's numerous EMR systems to a single shared platform that will be used by all.

  • Support & Service Desk

    Our clients enjoy free and timely support provided by a dedicated and skilled service desk team that is well versed in diverse range of our products.