Get help for all your EMR issues.

A report has been running for too long on KenyaEMR. How can i stop it.

Follow the steps below

  • Log into KenyaEMR using Admin
  • Go to home
  • Click ETL Admin
  • Recreate Tables then Refresh Tables
  • Re-run the report again

NB: If you end up with AJAX error, you may want to reset the kenyaemrChart entries on liquibasechangelog then restart tomcat.

Can't access KenyaEMR from the terminal host, but can access on the main server.

This could be due to several reasons i.e.:

  • Wrong URL entered on browser
  • Network disconnection (LAN cable unplugged or cut)
  • Wrong Network configurations at the terminal or server

Countercheck the above through elimination method and see if the issue has been resolved. Refresh your browser to confirm.

Data upload to NDWH is taking forever to complete in DWAPI.

To upload data to the national Data warehouse you need a good internet connectivity. Make sure the internet connection is stable to complete upload.

Getting "Error loading from EMR" error when sending data to NDWH
How can I edit a previous visit in KenyaEMR?
  • Log into KenyaEMR and search for the patient whose visit you want to edit
  • Click on the form you want to edit,
  • Click on edit button at the bottom of the form
  • Save after editing the details you wanted to change or update
How do I install and configure DWAPI on Windows machine?

Follow the following link to access installation and configuration materials on DWAPI installation and configurations on Windows environment:

How do I install KenyaEMR on Ubuntu Server?

KenyaEMR by design runs on Ubuntu environment. You can install it by following the instruction provided on here. You can also access a video job aid here.

How do i intsall DWAPI on Ubuntu machine?

You need to be able to install DWAPI app on Ubuntu for data transmission from KenyaEMR system. DWAPI is installed through a Docker container on Ubuntu. The following link gives you access to resources  on how to install DWAPI on Ubuntu 16.04LTS.

How do I merge duplicate clients in KenyaEMR?

Steps to follow;

  • Log in to KenyaEMR with administrator account and navigate Data Manager.
  • Click on Merge Patients Records.
  • Select the patients you want to merge then click on Merge Patients.
  • Confirm that details are correct then click Merge then Okay
How do I perform a manual KenyaEMR database backup ?

Open the terminal window (Ctr+Alt+T) and run the command below;

mysqldump -u root -p openmrs | gzip > openmrs_backup_facilityname_date.sql.gz

Press ENTER.

NB: You will access the database dump on your the home directory

How do I upgrade KenyaEMR to a higher version?

From time to time, you’ll need to upgrade your instance of KenyaEMR to respond to improvements and revisions on the HIV care or to fix some bugs that have been resolved. Click here to access an upgrade guide.

How do i use KP module in KenyaEMR

Key Population (KP) module has been integrated into KenyaEMR System as a module. This makes it convenient to access and document  client’s information on KP services without leaving KenyaEMR interface. It also makes it  possible to exchange KP data with various services within the system.

The following guide provides a walkthrough on how to use the KP module:

KeyPopulation System JOB AID Sep 2020
KenyaEMR is unable to launch correctly

KenyaEMR might fail to launch due to several reasons. The most common one relates to a bean error which might display as follows:

User encounters an error message ” Error creating bean with name’MessageSourceServiceTarget’ defined in class path resource [applicationContext-service.xml].

To fix this error, you need to force a rebuilt of OpenMRS indexes as follows:

  • Open terminal and type; cd /usr/share/tomcat6/.OpenMRS/lucene/indexes/ (press ENTER)
  • Type sudo rm -rf * (press ENTER)
  • Type cd (press ENTER)
  • Type: sudo service tomcat6 restart (click ENTER)

Log in to KenyaEMR and rebuild search index on Developer panel as follows:

  • Login into KenyaEMR  as Admin
  • Click Home
  • Click on Developer icon
  • Click on  Legacy admin UI
  • Under Maintenance, click Search Index
  • On the Search Index page, click on Rebuild Search Index button.
  • Wait for the process to complete.
KenyaEMR System is extremely slow when submitting forms

Start of by performing the following procedure:

  • Log into terminal and run the following command;
    • sudo service mysql restart
    • sudo service tomcat6 restart
  • Then refresh browser

If there is no change in performance after the above procedure, you may want to check the size of memory allocation to JAVA HEAP SPACE  (sudo nano /etc/default/tomcat6)

The other place to check is the hardware specifications of your server. At a minimum, the specifications should be: (Speed = 3.6Ghz, RAM=8GB, HDD=500GB)

Lastly, you may want to check the MySQL  config file for further optimization as follows:

  • sudo nano /etc/mysql/my.cnf

Confirm and fine-tune all the configurations  under InnoDb section

Submitting any form is impossible due to a "Parser" error that is recurrent.

Log into terminal and run the following commands:

  • sudo service mysql restart
  • sudo service tomcat6 restart
  • refresh browser
The dashboard isn't updating data even after recreating and refreshing tables severally

Follow the steps below to solve the problem

  • Open terminal and log in to MySQL by typing; mysql –uroot –p then Press ENTER.
  • Select database to be used by typing; use openmrs; then click ENTER.
  • Type; call create_etl_tables(); then click ENTER.
  • Type; call sp_first_time_setup(); then click on ENTER.

Type exit and close terminal. Refresh KenyaEMR

UI Framework error after logging on to KenyaEMR

The error may appear like this:

Root Error – org.openmrs.framwork.UiFrameworkException:reportData is required

Follow the steps below to resolve the error;

  • Log into mysql: mysql -uroot -ptest
  • Type: use openmrs;
  • Clear Chart entries from Liquibase: delete from liquibasechangelog where id like ‘%kenyaemrChart%’;
  • Exit and restart tomcat: sudo service tomcat6 restart